"Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose" Leonardo Da Vinci

This is the start of a creatribution, a FUNdraiser and a passion project. I've been blessed to find work that feeds my soul and waters my mind. This hasn't always been the case, and I found myself thinking on a bike ride - how do people find their purpose in life?

Some say it's luck, others says it's graft or taking chances when no one else would place a bet. What I know is that there's always a good story. Wednesday, June 27th, Purpose Stories will bring 5 speakers together to share their stories of discovering purpose in life and at work. Join us for an evening of learning, inspiration and laughter.

This event is a fundraiser, all dollars will go towards fundraising for a project close to my heart: Legado: Namuli. Founded by Majka Burhardt, Legado is an international organization working to protect the world’s most threatened mountain ecosystems by empowering the people who call them home.

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