Fast Company writes some great pieces, this one is perfect for the new year ahead musings. I joke that passive candidates become active around 6pm Sunday evening. We’ve all been there, the weekend is over and the reality hits in that you’ve got 4 hours left to be yourself before you set the alarm and mentally prepare to wake up to 5 days of counting down to the weekend again. Reading through 7 signs its time to look for a new job is an excellent reminder that when you’re wrestling between being ‘responsible’ and sticking it out, the cost can be far greater than a monetary value. Number 6 is a big hitter personally for me, and it take courage to be in the real conversation that the job that you think is keeping the house going, is actually ruining relationships within the house.

Is what’s going on at work affecting your personal life? Do you find yourself arguing with your partner or snapping at your children because you come home tired and stressed out from the workday? Have you taken time off due to stress or are seriously considering doing so? Or find yourself feeling depressed when it’s time to return from days off or vacation, rather than well-rested? If you recognize any of these symptoms, it could be a sign your job is threatening some of the things that matter the most in your life.

If you’re reading through the signs and your inner voice is agreeing, listen to your gut and follow these steps:

  1. Write out your strengths – ask yourself, are they are being exercised in your current role?
  2. Write out your core values – ask yourself, do they match your current companies core values?
  3. Look at your 10 year vision – is that vision being served by what you are doing Monday to Friday 9-5?
  4. Listen to your best friends – they want the best for you and sometimes the best is telling you a few home truths (hat tip to Tess Sloane)
  5. Write a list of the job titles and companies you would love to work for and get going on how to make it happen.
  6. Repeat 1 to 4 until the fear/uncertainty is replaced by excitement/passion to fuel number 5.

Don’t settle, follow Steve’s advice and find your purpose.